Bonus #1: Getting The Most Out of LeadPages Training

One of the best tools out there right now to grow your list is LeadPages. From creating beautiful landing pages, offering content upgrades, running your own webinars / online workshops and more, it's by far the most popular resource when it comes to list building. So in this 45-minute training, I'm walking you through how to get the absolute most out of this resource to help you boost opt-ins for your email list.

Bonus #2: List Building Tips from 10 Industry Experts

If there was one thing I would have loved to have when I was starting my list, it would have been advice from my favorite bloggers and business owners online. Even though I didn't have it then, I reached out to 10 amazing women and asked them to share what they think makes a great email list and their top list building tips, and I compiled them into one PDF guide so that you can take their secrets and advice while you're building your own stellar email list!