Module 1: Creating Your Plan of Attack

  • Creating a plan for your email list (including who it's for and when you'll send)
  • Learning the basics on how the content for your list should be different from that of your blog
  • The 4 main types of content that you can and should be sending to subscribers
  • Creating your content strategy and editorial calendar specifically for your list

Module 2: Getting Started Growing Your List

  • How to optimize your blog for more opt-ins
  • Creating your irresistible opt-in incentive
  • Using social media to grow your list intentionally

Module 3: Sending your emails

  • The 4 key elements that should be part of all of your emails
  • Re-engaging with your list when you haven't sent an email in a few months
  • How to write subject lines that actually get your emails opened
  • Getting your subscribers to engage with your content

Module 4: Using Your Blog to Grow Your List

  • What content upgrades are + why they're so popular
  • How to create your own content upgrades + add them to your blog strategy
  • How to use guest posts to grow your list

Module 5: Using Premium Content to Grow Your List

  • What webinars and online workshops are + why they're so popular
  • How to create your own webinar or online workshop
  • What an email course is + why they're gaining popularity
  • How to create your own email course

Module 6: Generating Income Through Your List

  • How to use your email list to text income ideas
  • How to start generating passive income through your list
  • How to launch and sell to your list

Module 7: Maintaining Your Email List

  • Why it is people unsubscribe from email lists + how to learn from them
  • 4 things you can do when people aren't subscribing
  • Why it's important to grow your list + how and when to do it