You have been blogging (or in business!) for a while now. You nailed your content, you attracted your audience, heck, you even worked with a designer to nail your brand. But something's still not right. You can't seem to create that community for your brand that everyone else has. You're struggling to figure out how to turn those readers and followers into something more.

It's likely, even, you've read all the posts, tried all the tricks, but despite it all, you still see crickets when you look at your email list. 

For some reason, you can't quite accomplish what everyone else seems to with their email lists. 


  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed at the thought of how to take your followers and readers and turn them into a community
  • Stuck trying to figure out the content you're supposed to be sending every week
  • Frustrated and disappointed because all you see online are shady marketing tactics to grow your list with nothing mentioned about what to do with those subscribers once they're even there
  • Desperately interested in learning how you can generate both passive and active income through your email list without having to send sales-y emails or host webinars every other week
  • Looking for people who understand where you are and are ready to help you as you build your community + celebrate every success (both big and small) right along with you

You're almost ready to give up, but you haven't yet because you see people killing it with their emails lists and you know that you truly want that for your brand, too.